Saturday, February 24, 2007


Ah yes, Naruto, the very popular Anime series that hit Japanese and U.S t.v screens and Indian computer screens has been saved finally from its rut of filler episodes.

For those in the unknown, Anime is basically Japanese animation which are in essence cartoons from Japan, if you put it that way. It has its own styles and was first made popular by the VERY famous action anime series DragonballZ. For more info about what anime is, check out the Wikipedia link given below.

Wiki on Anime

Anyway, back to the main theme of this blog. The fillers have finally ended people!! Yes they certainly have and the long wait is over. Naruto is back to the original manga (ill post what is manga later on in this post...) and how!! The series has now been renamed to Naruto Shipuuden, which roughly translates to Naruto the wind user. The reason for this? you will find out through the series. The Anime now is rock solid and has come back to its earlier gripping style. Its opening and ending intro has been changed to its new form (as expected). All the main characters, Sasuke, Kakashi, Jiraiya who have been absent through out the fillers or came for a brief presence in an episode are back and the Anime is rocking. What are you waiting for? Start downloading the Anime. If your looking for where to download them.. you can get them through the torrent site.. here - Naruto torrent site
or you can get them for direct downloads through here - Reality Lapse

Now about Manga. Manga is comic which are actually drawn in Japan by illustrators and comic producing houses. Manga are the original comics, these are the story lines, and the cartoons are adapted from them. Much like the same way that some movies are adapted from novels. For more info about manga... Check out the Wikipedia entry given below.

Wiki on Manga

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